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BOSTITCH N66C-1 1-1/4-inch to 2-1/2-inch Coil Siding Nailer Review

BOSTITCH N66C-1 1-1-4-inch to 2-1-2-inch Coil Siding Nailer with Aluminum HousingCustomer reviews: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Precise side nailing is what you get with the BOSTITCH N66C-1. This powerful coil siding nailer is exactly what you need for all your nailing needs. The BOSTITCH N66C-1 is compatible with a wide range of siding materials ranging from softwood to clapboard.

The genius behind the BOSTITCH N66C-1 is the internationally acclaimed manufacturer of top quality fastening tools Stanely-Bostitch. The price of this coil siding nailer ranges between $ 219.00 and $504.00.

Highly versatile

The BOSTITCH N66C-1 has no limitations with regards to the type of siding material used. A soft rubber foot means that it is ideal for working with soft wood as well as steel. With regards to nails, the N66C-1 works well with both wire-weld and plastic inserted coil nails. This siding coil nailer is able to handle tough surfaces including clapboard, cement surface, and even light-weight gauge steel. The operating gauge of this BOSTITCH siding coil nailer is 70 to 120 PSI. This compounded with an adjustable guide gives users the ability to dial in the right depth of nails. The nailer can be set for 1-1/4-inch to 2-1/2 inch nails thanks to the 515in/pounds of driving power that this siding coil nailer features.

Lightweight construction for every day use

A good siding coil nailer needs to be lightweight enough for continued every day use. This is why Stanely-Bostitch used lightweight aluminum in the making of the BOSTITCH N66C-1. The lightweight nature of aluminum means that the N66C-1 can be used all day long. This nailer measures 3.25 inches in width, 12 inches in height and 11.25 inches in length and weighs just 4.9 pounds. Thus, the nailer is a durable piece of equipment that can withstand the rigors of any construction project without easily suffering from wear and tear.

Works with any air compressor

The N66C-1 works with all types of air compressors, while a tool free adjustable exhaust means that spent air is directed away from the user. The BOSTITCH N66C-1 comes inclusive of a 7 year warranty, a siding nailer and a carrying bag for safety when not in use.

Features and specifications of the BOSTITCH N66C-1

The BOSTITCH N66C-1 comes with a 2/2 inche 15 degree coil siding nailer and is compatible with both wire weld and plastic inserted coil nails

The adjustable depth guide helps users in setting the desired depth of the nails

A tool-free adjustable exhaust ensures that spent air is not directed towards a worker while using this BOSTITCH coil siding nailer.

The coil siding nailer has a magazine that is capable of accommodating a total of 350 wired weld or plastic coil inserted nails

The fastener range of the BOSTITCH N66C-1 is between 1 ¼ inches and 2 inches for both wire weld and plastic coil inserted nails.

This BOSTITCH coil siding nailer has two firing modes, contact and sequential actuation, as for lubrication this nailer uses oil-lube lubricant

The air inlet of this nailer is ¼ inches, while its maximum and minimum fastening length is 2-1/2 inches and 1-1/4 in respectively.


The BOSTITCH N66C-1 has numerous pros, one of which is the versatile nature of the nailer, which allows it to be used with a wide assortment of siding materials regardless of their texture. The nailer also has numerous applications some of which include wood siding, shingles, fencing, decking and many more.

The lightweight nature of the N66C means that it is easy to use it and carry around to different construction points. This makes it ideal for both commercial and domestic construction projects. The lightweight nature of this nailer is thanks to the 4.9 pound weight and aluminum housing


One of the few cons of this coil siding nailers is that firing one single nail can be problematic as observed by several users. However, this is a problem that in no way interferes with the efficiency of this nailer.

The BOSTITCH N66C-1 has a total of 150 reveiws on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. In this regard most of the reviewers have given this nailer a 4 star rating, which is well above the average star rating


Efficiency is key in any construction project, and efficiency is exactly what you get with the BOSTITCH N66C-1 in addition to its versatility. Therefore, this is the recommended coil siding nailer for any kind of project you may have.